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Release Date: 03 June 2015.

Lezayr Records

Fuego Lento is a song that was born out of love for the "Rock en Español" influences of the band. It was released for the return show to Guadalajara, Jalisco. The city where Alex was born as well as the band.


The EP includes the same titled track Fuego Lento and 4 B-side tracks from the album "Listen to the Faces" and a radio edit from "Break the Chains" not released before.


Release Year: 2013.

Lezayr Records

"Break the Chains" is the follow up 5 EP to the band's debut album 'Listen to the Faces".  The opening track of the same name as the EP has a familiar alternative rock feel, however with the second track "A Million Ways", the band showcases a softer yet driving sound and style that points  the listener into the bands new musical direction.


This new musical directions can be heard in the tracks "Up till Dawn" & "Divine Devotion" while "Time Before" is a more alternative grungy track.


Release Year: 2011.

Lezayr Records

Lezayr's debut album.  In this 11 track record the band showcases their musical versatility and delivers songs to sing-along to.


From driving rock anthem in the opening track with "Don't Want To"to acoustic ballads with "Solo Una Mañana" this album will take the listener for a musical ride through the band's varied musical influences.


This album is perfect companion for any road-trip!

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